Meet the Colorado Elleebana Trainers

Meet the Colorado Elleebana Trainers

At L.E. Beauty, being an authorized distributor for Elleebana, we support our Colorado trainers!  At the moment, we work with 4 different trainers in our own beautiful state.  

Brandy Rich

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Brandy Rich

Learn more about Brandy:  MEET OUR TRAINERS – BRANDY RICH | Elleebana USA OFFICIAL® (

Kathy Mitchell

Centennial, Colorado 

Learn more about Kathy:  MEET OUR TRAINERS – KATHY MITCHELL | Elleebana USA OFFICIAL® (

Sharon Simpson-Dogon

Colorado Springs, CO

Learn more about Sharon:  MEET OUR TRAINERS – SHARON SIMPSON-DOGON | Elleebana USA OFFICIAL® (

Christine Montoya


Learn more about Christine:  MEET OUR TRAINERS – CHRISTINE MONTOYA | Elleebana USA OFFICIAL® (



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