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July 2019 –

We started on this journey to help people find mental, physical, and emotional healing, wellness, and balance through the cannabis plant. Now, after many years of hard work, we are able to do that in the most POWERFUL way. Not only are ALL of our ingredients safe, but cannabis has long been known to combat not only internal cancer, but also skin cancer. Adding CBD to our already effective formulations just adds another level of healing.

Through speaking with many patients, and a few oncologists, we have learned that oncology patients are scared to use anything that doesn’t specify that it’s oncology safe because there are so many ingredients out there that can upset and cause a reaction on their very sensitive skin. NOW they can confidently COLOR UP THEIR CARE with our carefully formulated products. Furthermore, many patients experience internal emotional turmoil due to not feeling presentable or “pretty” before, during, and after treatment. They are scared to do things that make them feel good in fear of coming into contact with something that will make them weak or ill. NOW, they can go to any Esthetician or Massage therapist who utilizes Color Up and safely get a treatment. Being able to get back into their every day lifestyle is crucial, and now we are able to provide them with that support!  THIS. IS. EVERYTHING.

All of our products were testing in 3 hospitals on Oncology patients and by therapists (Estheticians and massage) using them on patients. We got some of the most amazing feedback and one patient who had never been able to use any product before this now uses our moisturizer on her face, and all over her body! It’s MAGIC!!

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