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Colorado Springs, CO-Wholesale Beauty Supply

LeBeauty is a women owned supply house for salons and spas. Licensed professionals can purchase back bar and retail able items for their business and receive free local Colorado Springs delivery or for items that are shipped to them, they can sign up with a loyalty program, where every dollar counts towards their loyalty program for future dollars to spend at LeBeauty. Current line of products includes Nails, Skin and Hair.

After working in the salons doing nails, Lisa Ellen noticed there was not a local place to buy unique nail products. Even clearer as a licensed professional was the struggle that is real with getting too busy and not having the time to go out and research and purchase items. Therefore, Lisa started in 2014 under the name Glamourous Brands which was mostly geared to the nail industry, it was very slow and business did not take off as she thought it would, no one was coming in to the store even though located off a busy road. Therefore, LeBeauty originated, stands for Lisa Ellen, as she really wanted to make it her own (she is an avid American idol watcher) you truly have to live it and breath it and feel it and do it to have a successful business, so LeBeauty was the name change, but Lisa drove her sales in her business onto record monthly sales. The difference, this time Lisa went out to the salons and she made friends, she built relationships and she gained trust in the community and was becoming known for her products, accuracy, speed and realiability. The results have been overwhelming on the support she has received from the wonderful people in the beauty industry from all across the 50 states!! The esthetician’s were asking for products as they had no where to shop locally and if they did shop it was online and shipping and taxes were over the top.

Lisa takes great pride in her own skin and rightly so since she has celiac disease – so using and carrying gluten free quality products is of the utmost importance to her and therefore it important for her to pass that on to her customers. LeBeauty in the past 3 years has grown into the most abundant of unique and everyday products and is an enjoyable place to shop for skin care supplies!! Most recently Lisa Ellen has been getting asked a great deal by the barbering community to carry things for them– their struggle that Lisa herself saw several years back in the nail industry and then with skin industry, with lack of supplies for the licensed professional is real for the barbers and hairstylist too!! Therefore, Lisa has begun to bridge that gap and begun carry barbering and more hair stylist options. LeBeauty is physically located in Colorado Springs in a beautiful 2000 sq. foot freshly white painted very clean shop that has tons of parking in a well lit and well paved flat parking lot. There is an additional 10,000 square foot of warehouse in the back of the shop and we cannot wait to see what LeBeauty does with that!! There are talks of giving back to the community in a way that will benefit newly graduated students and help prepare them for success in their future business.

You can stay up to date with all the news going on at your salon supply house by getting on their newsletter so email and/or pay them a visit at 2260 Waynoka Road Colorado Springs, Co 80915., Lisa would love to meet you!!