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Stratacel 50g

Stratacel 50g

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Film-forming wound dressing for sensitive skin.

Stratamel and Stracel are full contact flexible wound dressings.  They are the first semi-occlusive, self-drying, transparent wound dressings in a gel form that can be applied on compromised and non-epithelialized skin.  Stratacel's enhanced formula has been specifically developed for the use on sensitive skin areas like the periorbital region, nostrils, and lips.  

  • Self-drying, non-sticky, transparent gel formulation that lightly bonds to the most superficial damaged skin layer
  • Complements leading rejuvenation technologies (e.g. laser treatments), enhancing the best aesthetical outcome
  • Creates and maintains the environment that enables the building blocks of new collagen and elastin
  • Easy to use and offers excellent spreadability and wash-off resistance



Ensure that the affected skin or wound is clean.  Apply a very thin layer directly to the affected area.  To achieve the best results, leave the gel in constant contact with the skin (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).  Compatible with secondary dressings.  Once dry, the gel may be covered by sunscreen or cosmetics. 


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