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From the Desk of LeBeauty

Did you do your sit-ups today? Me neither. Did you read the entire newsletter and blog in your inbox? Me Neither. Are you changing the TV cause you just can’t bear the news or are you pouring another glass of wine just to loose yourself in the day or night. Well, think about this for a minute what are your clients and guests doing? The same. Let’s be that change, that light for them that day – they come to you to seek perfection, guidance, pamperness – not a word but they seek it – they are not getting it elsewhere, so be on your game for goodness sake!! You got it, use it – leverage the very thing that makes you shine and share it that is why you are licensed and servicing, give it and perfect it. You got this!!@

Website in the works – Each line is on the website of LeBeauty – so eventually the online ordering will be there. You can always still email, text or call or visit us at the shop for your orders, especially while we work out the kinks. We are located at 2260 Waynoka road, Colorado Springs, Co 80915 –Text or Call orders to 719-237-4232.

Calendar Focus – Look what is coming — Moore from Michael Moore – stay tuned – we are!! Best in the industry!! Do you want the classes in Colorado Springs? Let’s support LeBeauty classes and keep the classes in Colorado Springs – Participation is key in order to do this – give us your feedback on what days and times work best for you.

Product Focus -LeBeauty Professional has it’s own make up line and it has arrived and is fully stocked – Mineral based, paraben free, gluten Free, Cruelty Fee – what an awesome line!! We couldn’t find one line that we entirely liked so – in order to help the salons totally prosper – we brought LeBeauty Professional makeup!! Price point is totally awesome and starting off with the basics this month we bring you our best concealer ever – surpassed 20 years of what we have seen, pressed foundation, amazing eyeshadow that we have not been able to find elsewhere – great base and highlight shadows and the perfect lipgloss that has exceeded our expectation. Contact us for sampling and let us tell you how we can help your salon prosper.

New Inventory at LeBeauty – Nail Techs you asked and we brought it in for you !!! BackScratchers is now being sold at LeBeauty – the entire line – is now being sold at LeBeauty!! We have it, delivery will take place on Wednesday!! Contact us to delivery direct to your location. Also in and being sold to Salons is Foot Logix – yes the full line – Nail Techs going for the certification in pedicures – this is the only line that you will see – just ask – Great back bar and retail – We have been using this line for 10 and you have asked for it- and you shall get it!!

Salon Tips: Remember 2018 echo’s organic and holistic – we can help in those areas if you r salon is lacking. Instagram – did you post something today? Education – is your team constantly engaging and staying ahead in this area? Mobile pay and online ordering are trending this year, are you?

Next up – CBD skin care Line coming in the next month, more information to come – very,
very exciting partnerships that LeBeauty gets to share with you all!!

Salon Comments – I love the personalized service, quick response time and always has what I
need delivered quick! Why aren’t you leveraging LeBeauty for all your Salon Needs?

Lisa – couldn’t do it without you all …..
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