Q&A with a 9 year old

Q&A with a 9 year old

Q - What do you think of when you hear the word beauty industry?  A - All the stuff that belongs in a beauty store (especially my mom's store).

Q! - Who do you want to do your nails and why?  A- I want a professional to do it because I don't want nail polish all over my fingers.

Q - How would you explain what a salon supply store is?  A - It is like any other store but, it only sells beauty and barber products.

Q - What do you think makes a great salon?  A - Nice People

Q - How do you think a salon can get the most customers into their salon?  A - By having good customer service.

Q- How would a salon supply store get the word out to service more customers?  A - Maybe giving people business Cards,





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