March 30 2022

[ ] I wanted to write you all sooner but wasnt able to as I just didn't know what to say about myself and so now seems like an good time. I Just finished a full replacement hip surgery on my right hip and doctor say it went well despite it being worse than what the xray showed. I have experienced the pain and plugged along until i just could not any longer.
[ ]
[ ] I cannot sleep tonight and as I lay here in the surgery center at 2 am I thought I would get this out to you all. If you do have any orders or texts that you cannot get out on our site at, please email my team at and let them know what you need and we will make sure your email is replied to the same day. We really appreciate you and the success of your business. So please know we are here for you.
[ ] We are open
[ ] Monday 8 to 5
[ ] Tuesday 8 to 6
[ ] Wednesday 8 to 6
[ ] Thursday 8 to 6
[ ] Friday 8 to 6
[ ] Saturday 9 to 4
[ ] Sunday 11 to 4
We are located at 5617 N academy Blvd. 80918

Nothing would make me happier then to fill our next education class.. We have the artistic director of prorituals color line doing training on 3 models with a cut, and 2 colors, 1 being bayalage. This class is 3 hours on may 2 and is usually several hundred dollars, but if you register on event bright under us, it's $25.00 on May 2.
The next one will not be with William so please join now. I can't get out and about and so this would be awesome to fill 30 seats. color your world.

Xo lisa

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