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Suavecito Felix the Cat Volume 2 Original Hold Pomade 4oz

Suavecito Felix the Cat Volume 2 Original Hold Pomade 4oz

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Suavecito has teamed up with world-renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon to bring you a unique lineup of pomades with one-of-a-kind, original artwork designed by Cartoon himself. In line with the Suavecito brand, this L.A. native draws creative inspiration from the deeply rooted Chicano culture in Southern California he grew up with. This thoughtfully curated collection comes with a limited edition Master Deluxe scent that will remind you of a fresh summer night out in Cali. 

This Pomade glides easily into hair without tugging or pulling and contains no harsh chemicals, creating a clean, flake-free look. It’s water-soluble and washes out easily with (you guessed it) just water. This Pomade offers a medium shine and a medium hold that will keep up with you throughout your day. 

Directions: Start with a small amount of product and warm with hands. Finger comb through damp or dry hair and finish with a brush or comb for a polished look.

Fragrance Profile: Top notes of ripe green apple and lime indicate the cold season has come to a close. Middle notes of fresh jasmine and violet remind you of a bloomed and passing spring. Base notes of sandalwood and patchouli let you know that summer has arrived and the sunsets in Cali are second to none.

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