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Ultimate Beauty

Ultimate Beauty-Biotek Gold Sample Set of 2 Bottles — 2ml

Ultimate Beauty-Biotek Gold Sample Set of 2 Bottles — 2ml

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The Biotek Gold Sample Set contains two of Biotek’s most popular pigments The Biotek Gold Sample Set contains two of Biotek’s most popular pigments along with a color reference booklet, so you can view swatches for other Biotek pigments. The pigments and color reference booklet come in a custom Biotek gold pouch. All Biotek pigments are manufactured with high-quality ingredients for lasting healed results.  



  • Vegan-friendly; not tested on animals   
  • Compliant with European + American regulations   
  • Manufactured in Italy with high-quality ingredients   
  • Comes in practically airless bottle (which means more pigment)  
  • Gold set comes in Biotek gold pouch 
  • Also comes with color reference booklet for other Biotek pigments  
  • Price per two bottles  

Gold Set includes… 

1x Paris 

1x Love 

1x Color reference booklet 

1x Gold pouch 

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