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Alpha K-6 Chemical Peel

Alpha K-6 Chemical Peel

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We recommend using the Lucent Power Pro-Prep Pads Skin Brightening and the DMAE 5% Neutralizer 4oz with our chemical peel products.


Introducing ALPHA K-6 Peel. This peel’s active ingredient Kojic Acid is derived from rice and barley starch. Kojic Acid comes from the dehydratase enzyme fermentation process from rice wine otherwise known as (Sake). Structurally, it looks like Hydroquinone Pyrones or Ketone. That is why its whitening effects are similar or even better than HQ. Hale’s Kojic Acid is created in a base with low water content to help eliminate degradation of Kojic Acid. This Acid is blended synergistically with a proprietary AHA blend.  L.E.Beauty added  three key Alpha Hydroxy Acids that generate a wide range of exfoliating capabilities for the skin. First is Glycolic Acid, which is derived from sugar cane to help create a superficial peel. Then we added Lactic Acid, is known to be derived from sour milk, which improves fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, Mandelic Acid. This acid is derived from bitter almonds. It helps reduce inflamed skin with its larger molecular structure. All three ingredients are water soluble to provide an exclusive synergistic blend that leaves the skin rejuvenated. When using this peel with the correct protocol, it will help get rid of acne, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmented skin. Alpha K-6 Peel protocol (Can be used on Fitzpatrick’s 1-6) 1.) Cleanse face with (Dermist Cleanser) and then degrease the skin with a (Pro Prep Pad). 2.) Pour two tablespoons of Alpha K-6 Peel into a bowl. Use either a fan brush or 2x2 gauze pads and apply to the skin. Leave on from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. This can be a layering peel. You can apply up to 3 layers. Apply a layer after each one dries. Use fan if need be. 3.) Afterwards, neutralize the skin with (DMAE 5% Neutralizer). Then apply cream.4.) Finally, Sunscreen to the face area. Expect downtime for up to 1 week. 

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