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Belmacil No. 7 Green Tint

Belmacil No. 7 Green Tint

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Gloriously Green!

Belmacil No. 7 green semi-permanent lash and brow tint is gloriously gregarious! This lash and brow tint is ideal for clients who desire a little fun color. Belmacil No. 7 works well as-is for those with lighter hair and skin tones and blue, green, or brown eyes. Mix in a little Belmacil No. 1 Black tint to add just a hint of green shimmer for clients with darker hair and skin tones. Product features:
  • Semi-permanent — lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks
  • Can be used by itself or mixed
  • Gentle formula
  • Easy to use
The thin-tipped tube makes it easy to control the amount of tint dispersed to ensure accurate blending. Belmacil’s gentle, creamy formula is easy to apply, which helps the beauty professional accurately apply the tint while ensuring comfortable comfort. Belmacil semi-permanent lash and brow tints offer up to six to eight weeks of vibrant color. The 20ml, multi-use tube allows for approximately 100 applications. Consult the Belmacil color chart for blending and mixing tips. Product specs:
  • Multi-use tube
  • 20ml — up to 100 applications
  • Activator is required — try Belmacil Oxydant!

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