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Brow Daddy Genie Needle Cartridges — Box of 10

Brow Daddy Genie Needle Cartridges — Box of 10

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Discover PMU magic with Brow Daddy’s Genie Needle Cartridges. These cartridges make all your wishes come true with optimized control, safety, penetration, and aesthetics. 

Each needle is made with top-quality stainless steel and has a perfected taper for optimal pigment delivery with minimal trauma to your client’s skin. These needles also feature no-drip tips, which improves your visibility and prevents pigment pooling. The cartridges also feature optimized long, narrow nozzles, which gives you even more visibility over your work.   

These Genie Cartridges are also gorgeous, featuring proprietary plating for a sleek, shining look that is also durable. You can also count on working in comfort thanks to their ergonomic design. Discover what beautiful results you can make with these magical cartridges. 



  • PMU Needle Cartridges by Brow Daddy 
  • Highest-quality needles made of stainless steel 
  • Perfected needle taper delivers minimal trauma to your client’s skin 
  • Ergonomic design for optimal finger placement and comfort 
  • Proprietary plating for durability and aesthetics 
  • Enjoy better visibility and focus with no-drip tips (prevents pigment pooling) 
  • Long, narrow nozzle gives you a clear view of your work 
  • Count on hygienic procedures with a safety membrane; prevents pigment backflow 
  • Perform with control using a unique stabilizer 
  • Works with many popular PMU machines 
  • Created by Brow Daddy 
  • Price per one box of 10 
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