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CND Shellac No Wipe Top Coat .New

CND Shellac No Wipe Top Coat .New

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No Need to Remove Tacky Layer

No IPA wipe needed

Avoid drying effects of Alchohol

Long lasting high gloss shine

Compatible with CND Color Coats and Base Coats

If you don't have time for that extra step of scrubbing your fresh nails to remove the tacky layer, want to avoid the drying effects of alcohol, or are working with chrome nail powders that aren't compatible with tacky gel top coats-then this non-wipe top coat is for you! CND Shellac No-Wipe+ provides a long lasting high gloss shine, with no IPA wipe required! Formula cures to a smooth glossy shine with absolutely no tacky residue and is compatible with all CND Shellac color coats & base coats.

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