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Semi-Permanent Liner Pens Display

Semi-Permanent Liner Pens Display

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This Top Selling Point of Purchase display has proven to be a true winner in generating valuable retail revenue for many salons. Very easy point of purchase display with testers on the front and retail stock in the back of the display. These pens really sell themselves.

Comes with all 9 Permanent Lip Liners and all 4 Permanent Eye Liners.

LIPS: A fine Permanent Lipliner Pen for the perfect tracing of lip contours or for full coverage. No smudging and no running possible because of a high water resistance of up to 24 hours. Nourishes with Vitamin E and chamomile. Available in the colors: Vinola (-10), begonia (-20), Bordeaux (-30), red (-40), coral (-50), light plum (-60), light Brown (-70), shop (-80), cacao (-90).

EYES: Fine Permanent Eyeliner Pen for the perfect eye make-up. Due to its high water resistance, neither smudging nor bleeding is possible. Maintains with vitamin E and chamomile. Available in color variations: black (-10), brown (-20), blue (-30), green (-40).


Art.-No.: 90137 Assortment of 6 each Eye and Lip Liners

Art.-No.: 90147 Assortment of 4 each Eye and Lip Liners

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