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Elleebana 30 Shot Lash Lift Kit

Elleebana 30 Shot Lash Lift Kit

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Experience the premier Elleebana quality in this lash lift kit with 30 applications!

If you are a certified cosmetologist or esthetician, a lash lift is a common service. Save time and money with this kit that comes with 30 applications!
  • Crafted for the perfect lash lift
  • Effortless Silicone rods
  • Suitable for long and short eyelash clients
  • Supportive ingredients fortify the lashes
This Elleebana lash lift kit is composed of products for the perfect lash lift. Included are silicone rods that are much easier to use than traditional rods that accommodate both long and short lashes. Each product contains supportive ingredients to fortify the lashes before and after the lash lift. Included in this kit are the high-performing 
  • This Elleebana Full Lash Lift Kit Contains:

    One Shot Lift Lotion 30 count

    One Shot Setting Lotion 30 count

    Flex Rod - Combination Pack

    Elleebana Makeup Remover 30ml

    Precision Lifter Tool

    Elleebana Lash Lift Squeeze Adhesive

    Application Brush

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