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Elleebana Gold Brow Scissors

Elleebana Gold Brow Scissors

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A great pair of brow scissors is an essential tool in every beauty professional’s toolbox! The ultra-thin and super-sharp blades are specially designed to isolate each hair so that you can accurately lift and trim each one with perfect precision. The angled tip allows you to gently lift even the most stubborn hair without causing harm to your client. Product features:
  • Easy to use
  • Sanitize and reuse
  • Perfectly angled

These stainless steel scissors are strong enough to hold up to regular use and are immune to rust. They’re part of the Gold Collection of premium implements, and they feature a great design for a stylish touch. Sanitize and reuse over and over.

Product specs:

  • Stainless steel — anti-rust
  • Precision-engineered blades
  • Gold coloring

Clean blades between clients to maintain sanitary conditions and prevent the spread of contaminants — lash and brow products or infectious disease.


**Elleebana trainers, contact us for your trainer discount code so you can order online.

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