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Step 3 - Hyalogic Collagen Facial Mist

Step 3 - Hyalogic Collagen Facial Mist

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Hyalogic®’s Collagen Facial Mist uses Marine Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid to support moisture levels and a firm, elastic appearance. This facial mist provides skin with a more lifted appearance, better definition and makes skin noticeably firmer.

Collagen is a natural protein peptide produced inside the body. When present in the skin, it maintains skin elasticity. When the Collagen in our bodies naturally decrease with age, the skin takes on an unhealthy appearance. The marine collagen used is hydrolyzed and reduced down to a perfect size so that your skin can quickly absorb to maintain a healthy, firm appearance. Just a quick misting everyday can bring back the beauty.

For consumers that are looking for a facial mist that enhances skin firmness.

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