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LASHBOMB Bomb's Away Adhesive - Purple Cap 5 mL

LASHBOMB Bomb's Away Adhesive - Purple Cap 5 mL

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Bombs Away is our most flexible adhesive, making it perfect for volume eyelash extensions. The softer tension allows a better hold for volume fans to natural lashes. Bombs Away also has a higher viscosity to ensure the adhesive does not run up the eyelash extension.

Dry Time 1-2 Seconds - Bond Time 5-6 Weeks

LASHBOMB Adhesives do not contain Latex or Formaldehyde, for best results use with Lash Bomb Primer. For integrity of the glue it is best kept in room temperatures 72 degrees or less.

Recommend the adhesives be stored in an airtight container such as a glue vault, especially in climates where its extreme humidity or dryness!

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