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Lisa Ellen Tinsel Hair Beads 1000 count

Lisa Ellen Tinsel Hair Beads 1000 count

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Lisa Ellen beads are used in the weft and hand ties and Tinsel Hair Extension Methods to attach hair extensions to hair. The small grooves inside the aluminum bead interlock when the bead is crimped, creating an extra secure hold. This allows them to attached at the root of the hair and extensions will lay smooth and flow for a natural looking hair look.  his makes it easier to style hair up, since they're small and secure.

String the beads on a loop tool to make threading beads onto hair easy and smooth. Use the Lisa Ellen crimp tool the bead closed, holding the hair inside.

When you are ready to remove the bead clamp in the opposite direction to release the hair.

Our products are designed to work together, so for the most comfortable, longest-lasting hold, we recommend that you use our quality Lisa Ellen products. 

Happy Beading

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