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Miss Cire

Mademoiselle Pink Polymer-Based Film Hard Wax Beads - 8 Oz

Mademoiselle Pink Polymer-Based Film Hard Wax Beads - 8 Oz

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Miss Cire has developed the purest pink film hard wax for hair removal. Mademoiselle Pink Beads Film Hard Wax is designed for extra sensitive skin. Our unique polymer base formula delivers flawless results. Just apply a thin layer of pink wax to targeted areas for hair removal. Miss Cire Pink Film Hard Wax effectively removes both fine and coarse hair. It is recommended for any skin type due to its low-temperature formulation.

Our hair removal wax minimizes skin irritation, redness, and pain. We carefully select unique ingredients that are designed for great elasticity. Now professionals can trust in a wax that will never get brittle. Breaking will never happen! It is easy to use and dispose of after use. Miss Cire Pink Beads Hard Wax is convenient for speed waxing and a time saver for waxers on the go.

Best Hard Wax for Sensitive Areas

Miss Cire sells only the finest hair removal wax for professionals. Mademoiselle pink film hard wax works perfect for facial waxing. Our wax products are recommended for getting rid of leg hair, back hair, arm hair, as well as the more sensitive areas of the body. We recommend that you use our Miss Cire Pre-Depilatory Antiseptic Gel accompanied with our Miss Cire Post-Depilatory Moisturizing Emulsion or Miss Cire Post-Depilatory Calming Oil to achieve the best results.

Our unique polymer-base formula delivers flawless results. Allows to apply a thin layer of wax, removing fine and coarse hair with ease. Due to its low-temperature formulation, is recommended for any skin type, especially for sensitive ones, minimizing skin irritation, redness, and pain but maximizing client comfort. Extra careful selected ingredients are designed for great elasticity, now professionals can trust in a wax that will never get brittle or breaking will never happen. Easy to use, disposal after use and convenient for speed waxing.

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