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Miss Cire

Miss Cire Wax Double Wax Warmer - 5 Lb x 2 ( 10 lb total)

Miss Cire Wax Double Wax Warmer - 5 Lb x 2 ( 10 lb total)

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Miss Cire’s Dual Large Professional Wax Warmer gives you the flexibility you need to keep your customers satisfied and maintain your sanity on even the busiest days! Our double large wax warmer is designed with dual tanks, each capable of holding 5 pounds of hard wax beads or tablets. With two pots, you never have to worry about running out of ready-to-apply wax, even on the busiest days. Capable of heating ten pounds total capacity, these dual aluminum tanks each have independent thermostats which allow wax to melt at separate temperatures, so you aren’t limited in the types of wax you can use simultaneously. We have specially crafted this unit for superb heat resistance and the dual temperature control wheels make it simple to attain the right consistency for every different kind of wax. This professional double wax warmer has an on/off switch so you can leave it plugged in, and it features an LED system that illuminates when the perfect temperature has been achieved. The double wax warmer professional estheticians need is now available from Miss Cire with a full manufacturer’s defects warranty. This product is the best double wax warmer available to wax specialists. Miss Cire equipment is ecologically friendly, extremely durable, and cost-effective in power consumption. The white alpine color adds sophistication and elegance to any salon or spa that offers depilatory waxing services.


  • Elegant yet durable design
  • Aluminum lid and warming pot
  • LED temperature indicator
  • Temperatures ≤ 120 ℃ / 250 ℉
  • Power supply: 125 V. AC-50 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 900W
  • Measurements: 25″ x 12″ x 9″
  • One (1) year warranty for manufacturing defects only (We will repair it or we send you a new one)
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