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ProRituals Hair Color Cream: Metallics

ProRituals Hair Color Cream: Metallics

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Our Metallics Collection features 9 brand new shades inspired by the fashion metallic trend. These new shades can be used alone or intermixed with PRORITUALS Hair Color Cream and Brighteners for refinement or to create dramatic results.

PRORITUALS Metallic Collection, a permanent toning hair color for high level blondes with long-lasting results that creates beautiful highlights and lowlights with unmatched luminosity and shine. DIRECTIONS: Mix the Metallic shades 1:1 ratio with PRORITUALS 5 Vol Developer for the strongest deposit and full color potency. Mix the Metallic shades 1:2 ratio with PRORITUALS 10 Vol Developer to create a lighter and more translucent tone of the color chosen. For maximum color result pre-lighten the hair first to pale yellow (level 10-12) using Power Platinum 9 or Blue Lightener, then follow with PRORITUALS pre-toning ritual and apply 10SP + 5 Vol (equal parts) to remove any left-over unwanted brassy tones in the hair, process until desired tone is achieved. Once the unwanted warmth is neutralized, proceed with your Metallic target color application. Processing time can vary from 15-30 min depending on results wanted. Easy application may be applied on damp hair at the bowl. Comb through evenly. PRO TIP: Metallics may be used with the PRORITUALS High Lift Series and Super High Lift Series for a depositing result only, creating more of a blonding color palette. To achieve this simply add 1/3 of your formula with Spray Treat, to equalize the Ammonia content.

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