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RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s Kit

RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s Kit

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1 x Micellar Eye Make-up Remover 5.07 fl.oz.; 2 x Medium Intensifying Primer 0.5 fl.oz.; 2 × Strong Intensifying Primer 0.5 fl.oz.; 1 × Base Gel Ash Brown 0.5 fl.oz.; 1 × Base Gel Chocolate Brown 0.5 fl.oz.; 1 × Base Gel Deep Brown 0.5 fl.oz.; 1 × Base Gel Black Brown 0.5 fl.oz.; 4 x Activator Gel 0.5 fl.oz.; 1 x Tint Remover Intense Brow[n]s 5.07 fl.oz.; 1 x Browista Toolkit (2 × Brushes 2 × Application Dishes); 1 x Brow Mapper Pencil; 1 x Brochure


Due to FDA regulations on eyelash and eyebrow tinting in the USA regarding tinting products that contains phenylenediamines or coal tar derivatives, RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s is provided for Elleebana distributors in the USA only. In all other countries outside the USA, we recommend the Elleeplex Profusion tinting system for integration with Elleebana lash lifts and lash & brow laminations.)

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