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FantaSea Magnifying Lamp

FantaSea Magnifying Lamp

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  • Fantasea Magnifying Lamp

    5 Diopter lamp includes lens cover.
    32" x 17" x 6".
  • Diopter refers to the curvature of the lens. As the diopter increases, the lens becomes thicker and the curvature greater. As the curvature increases, light rays are redirected to fill a greater portion of the viewer’s retina which makes the object look bigger.

    Magnification refers to how much larger an object is made to look through a magnifying lens. Magnification is typically indicated by an X such 2X or 4X.

    To calculate the Magnification use the common formula:
    Divide the Diopter by 4 and add 1.
  • magnification 2.25
  • % Bigger 125%
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