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Elleebana Eye Pads, Gel Patches (pack of 5)

Elleebana Eye Pads, Gel Patches (pack of 5)

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Treat While You Protect!

Elleebana Anti-Wrinkle Under Eye Gel Patches is the perfect accessory for use by beauty professionals on clients during any eyelash treatment. These under eye gel pads not only protect the under-eye but also reduce fine lines and wrinkles while providing moisture to your client’s eye area.
Product features:
  • Lint-free
  • Collagen packed, wrinkle-fighting power
  • Moisturizing
  • 5 sachets of 1-pair eye patches (10 pieces)
These under eye gel patches cover your client’s lower lashes and under eye area. For use in several procedures:
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Lash Lift
  • Semi-Permanent Mascara (SPM)
  • Lash Tint
  • Lash Perm
Make your clients more comfortable and protect their eyes with Elleebana’s Under Eye Gel Patches.
**Elleebana trainers, contact us for your trainer discount code so you can order online.
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