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YS Park

YS Park Pro Clips (2 Pack)

YS Park Pro Clips (2 Pack)

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At 95 mm long, these metal section clips are ideal for all hair styling tasks. The full aluminum body gives them strength and durability, but a very light weight meaning that they won't leave crimp marks in the hair. Holes running the length of the clip ensure that hair can't slip and also that heat can escape from underneath the clip, thus preventing the formation of hot spots. Holes are the secret to non-slip grips too and the circle of holes cut in the metal of the grip ensures that they won't go flying from your fingers when you come to use them. Just one reason why they're the choice of hair professionals all over the world.

• Tough and sophisticated
• Improved version of the standard pin
• Engineered and suited for the most demand
• Length: 95 mm/ 3.74 Inches
• Made in Japan

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