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YS Park

YS Park Extra Long Tail Comb 9.4"

YS Park Extra Long Tail Comb 9.4"

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Smooth yet strong, the YS Park 132 Extra Long Foiling Tail Comb is made from ultem-plastic to be durable, flexible and heat-resistant. The fine teeth are designed to create ultimate smoothness of the grain for updo's and maximum control when backcombing. The strong metal tail helps to support foils in place while performing color services.

  • YS Park Gradual Decreasing Pitch (GDP) - The spacing between each tooth is gradually narrowed by 1/100 mm from the previous tooth, creating equal tension through the entire length of the comb in a single stroke.
  • Parting head - provides a shortened first tooth of the comb which enables the user to gather hair quickly.
  • Strong and durable teeth
  • Supple holes on body allow flexibility
  • Integrated tape-line - measuring device
  • Heat resistant up to 220 C (428 F)
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