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Zensa Pre-Procedure Cream 30g

Zensa Pre-Procedure Cream 30g

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Zensa Pre-Procedure Numbing Cream 30g.

One of the most effective pre-procedure creams on the market. Health Canada and FDA approved, contains vitamin E + antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Innovative formulation that does not constrict blood flow, and therefore, does not interfere with the process or end results. Boosts skins ability to heal and leaves your client in comfort.

30g tube.


What is lidocaine and how does it work?

Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic that works by blocking the transmission of nerve signals when applied to the skin, causing a loss of sensation.


What is lidocaine usually used for?

Lidocaine serves multiple purposes, acting as a pre-procedure topical anaesthetic, relieving nerve pain, and alleviating discomfort from sunburns, burns, eczema, insect bites, rashes and scrapes. Additionally, it is a commonly used numbing agent in dental and cosmetic injectables.


How is lidocaine different from other numbing agents?

While other numbing agents like tetracaine, prilocaine and benzocaine all possess numbing capabilities, they each vary in terms of strength, speed and potential toxicity. We chose lidocaine for its potent, quick-acting numbing capabilities and because it is the most suitable for sensitive skin.


Are allergic reactions to lidocaine common?

Lidocaine allergies are exceptionally rare. To minimize any potential risks, conduct a patch test with the numbing cream prior to using on a larger or more sensitive area.


Does a higher lidocaine percentage equate to better numbing?

High lidocaine percentages pose health risks (such as inflammation, redness, hives, swelling, irritation, blistering and itching) with little reward. Zensa Numbing Cream has 5% lidocaine for maximum strength without the undesirable health risks.


Why is cleansing and exfoliating necessary for lidocaine effectiveness?

The epidermis (the top layer of the skin) is the toughest layer for a topical cream to absorb through. Removing this outer layer through exfoliation and cleansing greatly enhances the absorption capability.


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